Opto-Electornic Systems Lab:

Laboratory Leader: 

Prof. Anna Baldycheva 

Laboratory Members:

Visiting Professor:  Prof Elena Ushakova

Royal Society Exchange Grant (2016-2018): "Graphene photonic metamaterials for fast information and communication photonics"

Visiting Research Scientist: Dr Evgeniya Kovalska

Research Project (EU Facilitation Funding): " Graphene-based biosensors: Research of 2D enabled materials and its biosensor application"

PhD Student: Benjamin Hogan 

PhD Project: 2D liquid crystal composites for integrated optoelectronic devices on Si

PhD Student: Joaquin Faneca Ruedas

PhD Project: Photonic Metamaterials for WDM optical communication applications

PhD Student: Liam Trimby

PhD Project: Chalcogenide Perfect Absorbers for the Detection and Modulation of Infra-red Radiation

PhD Student: Emanuele Gemo

PhD Project: Plasmonic integrated all-photonic memories

Research Assistant (Erasmus+): Charlotte Perrin

Project: Graphene solar cells on flexible fibres

Former Laboratory Members:

Dr Sebastien Mouchet - PostDoctoral Researcher 2016-2017

Salma Younesy - Research Assistant 2015-2016

Wan Lun Carol Ng-- Research Assistant 2015-2016

Daniel McKee-- Research Assistant 2015-2016

Matthew Coleman-- Research Assistant 2015-2016

Schuyler Lewis-- Research Assistant 2015-2016

Andrea Sacher-- Summer Intern May-August 2016

Fiani Yamjeu-- Research Assistant 2015-2016

Julien Chabbert-- Research Assistant 2015-2016

Samuel Rault-- Research Assistant 2016-2017